Headquartered in Ayer, MA, Food On Earth specializes in healthy vending. We own, operate, and maintain vending machines that make use of the latest technology in the industry, accepting cash, credit cards, and apple/android pay.

We offer our customers a refreshing break from the traditional unhealthy choices one would typically find in a vending machine. Choose from our menu of healthy snacks and drinks, and we'll take care of the rest. We use tracking software to monitor the machines, and automatically refill them on location as needed.

10% of our proceeds go to organizations that provide clean drinking water, as well as solar power to third world nations.

Healthy, Quick, Convenient

Give your employees and customers the option of a nutritious snack, without having to leave the office!

Completely Customizable

We offer a large selection of healthy products, as well as the more traditional items you would typically find in a vending machine.

The Latest in Vending Technology

Our machines accept cash, credit cards, and Apple/Samsung pay. We monitor inventory, and refill machines as needed using tracking software.